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Employment Opportunities in Southeast US

If you are a telecommunications tower technician in Southeast US and you're looking for a challenging, dynamic work environment that will motivate you to keep expanding your expertise and realize your full potential as part of a team committed to delivering consistent top quality workmanship on time and within budget, then Towersite Services may be the employment opportunity you've been looking for. Members of the Towersite Services Southeast US team are selected according to their ability to meet, and exceed industry standards for safety, and for sound practices. Southeast US candidates should be able to work on tight deadlines, while maintaining the highest standards for quality workmanship.

Regardless of the nature of the position you are interested in applying for, candidates should expect to become an integral part of a working environment that promotes learning and steady, constant self-improvement, with a view towards exceeding our Southeast US clientele's expectations for professionalism and competence.

Background Requirements

TSS requires a criminal check for all full-time and part-time internal employees upon hire once a conditional offer of employment has been extended by the hiring manager. Although a disqualification is possible, in accordance with federal and state laws, a previous conviction does not automatically disqualify an applicant from consideration for employment with TSS. Depending on a variety of factors (for example, the nature of the position, the nature of the conviction, age of the candidate when the illegal activity occurred), the Southeast US candidate may still be eligible for employment with TSS. However, if an applicant attempts to withhold information or falsify information pertaining to previous convictions, the employee will be disqualified from further employment consideration in any position with the company due to falsification of an application.

DOT Drug Testing Requirements

Southeast US candidates will be tested for their use of commonly-abused controlled substances, including, but not limited to: Amphetamines, Barbiturates, Benzodiazepines, Opiates, Cannabinoids, Cocaine, Methadone, Methaqualone, Phencyclidine (PCP), Propoxyphene, and chemical derivatives of these substances. Southeast US candidates must advise the testing lab of all prescription drugs taken in the past month before the test, and to be prepared to show proof of such prescription to testing lab personnel. All testing will be conducted by a licensed independent medical laboratory, which will follow established testing standards. Testing will be conducted on a urine sample provided by the candidate to the testing laboratory under procedures established by the laboratory to insure privacy of the employee, while protecting against tampering/alteration of the test results.

DOT Physical Requirements

Successful Southeast US applicants for employment will be required, as a condition of employment, to take a DOT medical examination to establish their fitness to perform the jobs for which they have applied without endangering the health and safety of themselves or others.